If you are in the valley stick you head out the window and listen for this song. Follow the sound where you will find me rockin out! I welcome change but gahhh dayum, I am not ready to say good bye to the summer heat, canyon parties, house parties, rowdy times, boating at redfish, flip flops, hikes, long boards, ketchum alive, and most of all my old and new friends. Ahh I am sentimental right now. Man PMS.
anyways…here is a song that we have all herd on the radio. I would never post this song on here but it is quite fitting.

ok…fine i do want to go skiing.

on that note, check out my boss/friend/mentor Hillary Maybery SCHREDDIN back in 1996. She just sent me this video and I am blown away! She was doing tricks that NO chick was back then!


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